6 tech features that can make the holidays more manageable

(BPT) - Holiday shopping, paying bills and making deposits, sending digital greetings and invitations, looking up recipes, gathering holiday decorating ideas - let's face it, you're going to be super busy this holiday season and much of that extra activity is going to take place online.

People rely on technology to make life easier. During the holidays, your Windows 10 laptop or desktop can help you get more done quickly, easily and efficiently. Here are six features to turn to when you need some help managing the holidays:

* Windows Hello - During the holidays, more people will be in and out of your house, and your laptop may be exposed to strangers if you take it with you while traveling or on an outing. Passwords are helpful, but Windows Hello takes security to the next level - and you won't have to remember what password you're using this month!

The feature allows you to unlock your PC with your fingerprint (similar to the fingerprint function on a smart phone) or even through facial recognition. You'll need a device such as HP Spectre x360 with an IR camera or other device with a fingerprint reader and/or a camera to use this feature.

* Microsoft Edge - More than half of holiday shoppers are going to make purchases online this season, according to the National Retail Federation. While you're shopping online, stay more secure by browsing with Microsoft Edge, Microsoft's new browser with enhanced security features.

* Cortana - Want to check holiday shopping hours for stores in your area or need a killer recipe for pumpkin pie? Available on Windows 10 devices like the Dell XPS 13, Cortana is a personal digital assistant that allows you to talk to your PC naturally. If your PC doesn't have a microphone, you can still use Cortana by typing your question in the browser search box. And because Cortana learns your search and query habits, the more you use it, the more personalized your experience will become.

* Windows Ink and Pen - Whether you want to take quick notes during your holiday baking class or design your own holiday card, the built-in pen/inking feature in Windows 10 works with a great selection of apps for artists and designers. New devices like the ASUS Transformer Mini T102 ensure precision input and block accidental touches when inking.

* Advanced design and displays - New Windows devices like the Lenovo Yoga 910 are thinner, lighter and more stylish. It's easy to slip a device into your bag when you're on the go, or spend hours online without having to worry about battery life. New, higher-resolution screens and small-bezel OLED displays offer vibrant color, and 2-in-1 PCs add the flexibility to work on a laptop, draw on a tablet with Windows Ink or flip to the perfect angle to watch holiday movies - all with the same device.

* Office 365 and OneDrive - Of course, amid all the holiday fun and shopping, you'll still need to get work done, and Office 365 and OneDrive make it easy to be productive, whether you're a student or a small business owner. OneDrive allows you to store files and work in the cloud or offline. An Office 365 personal subscription is included with select Windows 10 devices such as the HP Stream 13.

The right technology can help you get holiday digital chores done safely, securely and efficiently - leaving you more time for holiday celebrations and fun.

Start organizing your holiday to-do list by visiting your nearest Microsoft Store or microsoftstore.com.

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