Nail your next game day spread with these tips

(BPT) - It's that time of year again: the long-awaited season where football, food and team spirit reign. Every week offers another chance to kick back with family and friends and cheer on your favorite team.

The time to host will be here before you know it, but are you prepared? Are you ready to throw a game day party of epic proportions? If the answer is no, there's no need to panic. There are a few quick and easy things you can do to make your gathering touchdown-worthy and stress-free. Here are five time-saving tips for prepping your home for kickoff.

1. Start stocking up now.

Simplify game day planning by stocking up on the essentials as soon as possible. Items like plates, silverware and napkins are a safe buy that you'll always need. Next, shop the frozen food aisle for delicious, dependable meal items, so you'll have a freezer stocked and at the ready even before the coin toss.

2. Keep finger foods front and center.

Having handheld options is the way to go when building a football-friendly spread. Simple, dippable snacks, like SeaPak's crowd-pleasing Pub Style Beer Battered Shrimp or Crab Poppers, are just what hungry fans crave. Want to take things up a notch? You can't go wrong with a restaurant-inspired menu item, like crispy fish sandwiches, fish and chips or fish tacos, easily made with SeaPak's Pub Style Beer Battered Cod.

3. Strategize those eating and seating arrangements.

You want your guests to be comfortable, and that includes providing them a great view of the game and an easy path to the buffet. Situate chairs around the screen so they don't block any lines of sight and make sure you create open lanes for foot traffic. Also remember that your guests will be carrying food and drinks around; adding a few coasters or pulling that priceless rug out of the way ahead of time will help you chillax when the whistle blows.

4. Make it a team effort.

Don't go it alone. Ask your friends to bring their own drinks or a side dish or, better yet, challenge the kids to come up with their own halftime show. The result will be a more memorable and enjoyable game day for the entire crowd.

5. Make sure your game-watching technology is in peak condition.

After all, it's not really game day if you can't embrace the full experience, so make sure your TV and speakers are ready to rock. Take the equipment for a test drive beforehand, to ensure there'll be no interference when the teams take the field.

While it may seem like there are lots of details to cover, it's easier than you think to be the MVP of your game day celebration. Treat your planning like the game itself and take it play-by-play, starting with the list above. It's a surefire strategy for looking like a winner once the crowd assembles.

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